PAYMENTS AND SECURITY The payment of the purchase price and the shipping cost must be made jointly in a single payment using the following method:

PAYPAL Select the payment method “Pay with Paypal”

Make your Login on the Paypal platform in case you have a Paypal account otherwise use the payment method through the credit cards supported by the system. The next screen shows the total amount due, at this point you just need to confirm your choice. The payment will be directly integrated into the platform and you will receive confirmation of payment by email.

SAFETY Safety is a fundamental element for those like Bruma Italia S.r.l. makes its work a life project. Payment security Bruma Italia S.r.l. is entrusted to Paypal Therefore all transactions are managed with the utmost respect for privacy and with the most up-to-date security systems by this banking group that manages data directly on its platforms. Security also passes from correct policies on sending communications only to those who authorize us and in the event of an error to the possibility of auto deleting your email address from the database. Security is also given by the possibility of having an always efficient customer service and maximum transparency in the constant relationship with customers.