Passionate & curious

A family tradition

Bruma Italia is born from a love story between a family and the world of Italian food and wine excellence. After years of research, travels and experiments, the Menhir Gran Reserva Grappa was created and after we created: Vood, the Vodka praised on the international scene for its soft and fragrant taste.

Thanks to the continuous desire for exploration and the constant search for the best raw materials we have revisited the recipe for the Italian Christmas cake par excellence “Il Panettone”; turning something already very good into something absolutely new, valuable and innovative: hence the Panettone Serafini with Vodka Vood Cream and drops of dark chocolate that together with the Panettone Serafini Traditional with Grapes and Candied started the uncunventional line of Christmas sweets.

The latest addition to the family is the Serafini Dragées line, a production dedicated to confectionery and more, where the quality of raw materials guarantees absolute excellence; above all, the famous Dragées stands out with Vodka Vood, a round moment of pleasure to be enjoyed not only in moments of celebration.

What can we do for you?

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